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324. James gets a 2000% return on investing in his building’s cosmetic upgrade

James Burgin shares how his self-managed block of 6 in Bondi became a “joy to come home to” after a surprisingly affordable cosmetic upgrade, which has dramatically increased the value of each apartment. What’s more, his community is now more collaborative than ever before.

323. What’s so scary about 2-lot strata plans?

I’m sharing 4 must-know facts about 2-lot strata plans, relevant to:

– voting

– insurance

– repairs and maintenance

– strata committees

322. Supply Chain Woes | ‘Cruel’ Strata Levies | Purchaser Education

Reena and I discuss:

– the perfect storm of events that is forcing managers to seek “quotes to get quotes”
– the elderly Earlwood couple bailed out of their “cruel” strata levies with public donations
– a little known Tribunal procedure, and
– what some owners wished they had known before buying in to strata.

321. Strata managers: you advise, they decide

Why are some strata owners telling me that their strata manager is making decisions they do not support? What is the “advise vs decide dichotomy”?
These questions answered and more, in today’s short episode.

320. New residents, same problems – what’s going wrong?

More Australians than ever before are now living in strata and community titled developments. Today, I’m acknowledging the various challenges this melting pot of needs, interests and agendas brings, plus providing some solutions. TIP: there’s a deadline nestling in this episode – don’t miss it 😉  

319. Qualified requests | the trouble with 2-lot schemes | the happy strata manager

Reena and I cover:

– whether an owner making a ‘qualified request’ for a general meeting can dictate the date and method of the meeting
– how unequal unit entitlements can lead to dysfunctional communities
– the joys of strata management (yes, really)
– why I’m thanking listeners this week