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313. Navigating the strata remedial works minefield

In a first for the show, this week I have THREE guests: Peter Johnsson, Grahame Vile and Caroline McConnachie – each an expert in strata remedial works. We discuss:

-why remedial works are so painful for apartment owners
-the different fee structures used by contractors and consultants 
-how to keep costs under control
-how strata managers can best serve their clients during a remedial works project,
and more. 

PLUS keep an eye out for my invitation to Friday LIVE tomorrow, where I’ll be chatting further with Caroline McConnachie about this important (and too often, very aggravating) aspect of apartment living. Send through your questions and Caroline and I will be ready to answer them.

312. “Turning lights red”: a frank discussion about poor strata management practices

I’m bringing you part of last week’s Friday LIVE chat, which has sparked a vital conversation about the impossible pressure being placed on some strata managers at the expense of their mental health and wellbeing. Owners are noticing, and not only are they unhappy with poor service standards, they’re worried about the future of this industry, which has only just started to call itself a “profession”. It’s time for a serious talk about workloads, hours, fee structures and simple kindness.

311. From the Ground Up – with John Coleman

My third and final guest in the “Strata Powerhouse” interview series is John Coleman. John grew Express Glass into the strata sector in the 1990s, helping it become Australia’s largest glazing business today. John describes the “unfettered access” suppliers had to strata managers back then, why he chose to write a book about the history of strata title in NSW and his hopes for a future female president of SCA.

310. Applying Corporate Principles to Strata Management – with Olivera Ferguson

The second in my series of three “Strata Powerhouse” interviews, today’s guest is Olivera Ferguson. Co-owner of the Strata Plus Group, in this chat Olivera revisits her first impressions of strata management 20 years ago when she left the corporate world. We discuss how today’s “right to an opinion” society is putting pressure on strata managers, why winning back trust is essential and her hopes for the future of our strata sector.

309. “Evolve or Dissolve” – Bill Coles

Over the next three weeks, I’m interviewing three “powerhouses” of the strata sector. First up this week: Bill Coles. He shares:

– what the strata cleaning business looked like 30+ years ago
– the many ways in which strata living has changed for the better (and the few ways it hasn’t)
– how he overcame the business challenges of the last 2 years
– why his family name changed when his parents immigrated to Australia,

and much more.

308. How to Sell Common Property Air Space – with Warren Livesey

Warren Livesey of Buy Airspace explains the emerging opportunities for buildings to sell or develop the airspace above their common property rooftops, creating income to fund capital works and improvement projects in aging buildings.