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403. Strata Management’s Future: Reena Weighs In

In a week during which the media continues to wage war against strata managers, Reena Van Aalst joins me to provide her point of view. We discuss:

– models of remuneration for strata managers, and what Reena says needs to change
– the role of Strata Community Association
– the murky arrangements between other strata “professionals”

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402. “Does it pass the pub test?” Tyrone Shandiman on insurance commissions and broker fees

Recorded before last week’s ABC news story broke, in this interview Tyrone Shandiman of the Australian Consumers Insurance Lobby explains:

– how a lack of informed consent around insurance broker appointments may be harming strata owners,
– the commercial advantage that strata managers accepting commissions have over those who don’t,
– how unfair industry “standard” contracts

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401. From one to many: how Allume has unlocked solar for apartments

Allume Energy’s Australian-made, world-first technology is expanding the benefits of solar power, past a building’s common areas and into the homes of its occupants. Will Antsee of Allume joins me to explain how millions of apartment residents can reduce their energy bills, at a time when savings have never been more important.

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399. Meeting minutes: how detailed should they be?

Effective meetings are at the heart of well-functioning strata communities. Today, I’m taking a closer look at how we record the minutes of meetings, including sharing some insights on the subject drawn from my recent visit to the United States.

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398. Open Books: Unpacking the Privacy Myth in Strata

I’m taking you inside last Friday’s CPD Education Day, for a quick listen to part of my session on the topic of “privacy” in strata.

Just as important for owners as they are for managers, the lessons of this session may surprise you.

Also, get the diary out, because I’m announcing the date for our 2025 CPD

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397. Insurers are demanding more from ageing buildings

Reena Van Aalst joins me to discuss:

– why insurers are now asking whether your building has been “re-wired” or “re-plumbed”
– committees that are breaching their spending restrictions
– how our strata law is failing owners when it comes to privacy
– the community leveraging a little-used part of the NSW legislation to ensure all

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394. Another Win in the Battle Against Nuisance Smoke Drift

Sydney strata owner Amanda Reitzin joins me to share her recent experience in the NSW Tribunal battling nuisance smoke drift from her neighbour’s balcony.

Amanda shares how she made the difficult decision to litigate, including the lessons she learned along the way. You’ll hear:

– Amanda’s realisation that the law is on your side, but

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393. How to Easily Reduce Strata Energy Costs

Strata Energy Services has been leveraging the power of the collective since 2018, using “bulk buying power” to get strata buildings a better deal on their energy costs. Sally Pollard joins me to share how it all works and how you can find savings in even the most difficult financial times.

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392. The Top 5 of 2023

In our first podcast episode for the year, I’m sharing the 5 most popular episodes of 2023 – in case you missed them, need a recap, or are looking for a great place to start if you’re new to our world.

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391. Access for AFSS sign-off, damaged blinds and…a strata wedding!

In this final podcast episode for 2023, Reena and I cover:
an owner’s refusal to permit access to their lot, leaving the Annual Fire Safety Statement (“AFSS”) in jeopardy
whether an owner with damaged blinds should call their committee’s bluff and sue over a few hundred dollars
the year’s happy endings, including a surprise special

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387. How to Plan for Emergencies – with Leanne Habib and Megan Chatterton

Megan Chatterton and Leanne Habib join me to reveal just how unprepared our buildings are for emergency events – even though such events are increasingly likely. Megan is asking owners to participate in research that will assist to arm buildings with vital resources they can rely on in emergencies, and Leanne calls for legislative reform.

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384. The strata lessons hidden in residential tenancy cases

When a landlord has to shell out thousands of dollars in compensation to a tenant because of a wet, mouldy apartment, what rights do they have to claim that loss from their owners corporation?

I’m unpacking two instructive cases coming out of the NSW Tribunal’s Residential Tenancy List last month.

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