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You can book Amanda right now. It’s quick and easy:

Step 1

Book Amanda by choosing your service level below & pay online.

Your payment is made to Amanda’s trust account and is fully refundable if it turns out that Amanda can’t help you (see step 3).

Step 2

You’ll be directed to choose an available 20 minute slot to talk to Amanda by phone or Skype (and if you don’t feel like talking, no problem: just shoot Amanda an email). Amanda will use this time to understand your specific needs and ensure she has no legal conflict of interest in acting as your lawyer. Amanda does not charge for this call

Step 3

If, after the 20 minute call, Amanda confirms she can help you, she will send you a costs agreement (as required by NSW law) confirming the scope of her legal work, the terms of her engagement and the fixed fee that was already agreed in step 1. You will need to sign and return that document to Amanda.

If Amanda can’t help you, she’ll tell you straight up (because she’s like that) and refund your money immediately.

Level 1

$1,540GST inclusive
  • Approximate equivalent: 2 hours legal work.

Level 1 is suitable for:

  • Verbal advice
  • Advice in conference
  • Inspection of books and records at strata manager’s office
  • Short letters written on your behalf or reviewed and amended for you
  • Short communications with your strata manager or committee on your behalf
  • Short document review

Level 2

$3,850GST inclusive
  • Approximate equivalent: 5 hours legal work.

Level 2 is suitable for:

  • General and committee meeting attendances (including chairing of meetings)
  • Advice on standard-form contracts
  • Drafting some standard contracts (eg caretaker and building management agreements, car parking licenses)
  • Drafting or review of simple development documents including by-laws suitable for registration with strata plan
  • Advice on and attendances at mediation
  • Some Tribunal appearances

Level 3

$7,700GST inclusive
  • Approximate equivalent: 10 hours legal work.

Level 3 is suitable for:

  • Complex advice work
  • Assisting with written submissions in Tribunal matters
  • Some Tribunal appearances
  • More detailed development documents
  • Some litigious matters
  • This level of investment is generally the minimum required where there is an opposing party who is legally represented and there is likely to be ongoing correspondence between lawyers.

*If you would like to negotiate a different level of service that is not reflected in the above packages, please contact Amanda directly.

Travel at no charge within 5km radius of CBD

At the end of your 20 minute call, you will have agreed on Amanda’s next steps. This might include scheduling a longer, face to face meeting. If you are within a 5km radius of the Sydney CBD and want to meet Amanda in person, or want Amanda to visit your building, Amanda will travel to you, without charge for her travel time. You can also meet at Amanda’s offices, or continue to communicate by Skype or phone. Or, just stick to email. Whatever works for you.

How long does it take?

Your first 20 minute consultation with Amanda will take place within 3 business days of Amanda receiving your payment and booking request.

You can ask Amanda to complete her work for you over a short period of time (one or two days, subject to Amanda’s availability and recommendations), or call on Amanda’s time as and when it suits you. It’s entirely up to you

What about the bill?

An invoice will be issued at the conclusion of the service. Where the work takes longer than one month, interim invoices will be issued at the end of each month

Your money is trust money

The amount you pay now goes directly to Amanda’s trust account, established and operated according to the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW). This means Amanda cannot use your money to pay her legal fees until she has sent you an invoice. When you get that invoice, if you don’t feel you’ve got what you paid for, let Amanda know and she will do everything possible to resolve your concerns. She’s a lawyer, that’s her professional standard, and her duty to her client.

Are you an owners corporation or strata committee?

If you are an owners corporation or strata committee, you can certainly use this method of engaging Amanda. The strata committee can engage Amanda for option 1 and 2 only. You will need a general meeting to approve any legal services exceeding a cost of $3,000, unless the matter is urgent. Please contact Amanda directly on to discuss your needs in respect of urgent matters.