Shared Space: the WORLD’S FIRST online summit for strata property owners

Shared Space: the Online Summit for Strata Property Owners on 15-18 September 2020

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9 world-leading experts on community, property and law…

Charles Vogl, author of The Art of Community

Charles Vogl

In this session, Charles shares:

  • how we motivate others to participate in our communities
  • the importance of a proper welcome
  • why strata committees need a “trust bank”
  • why it’s essential for our communities to create and protect a “strong core”…
Reena Van Aalst Strata Central

Reena Van Aalst

...with Gordon Streight

In this session, Reena shares:

  • how to avoid common renovation works pitfalls
  • why it’s up to YOU to impress the strata manager you want to work with
  • how to answer the emotional arguments put forward by owners who don’t want to invest in improving the common property…

Gordon Streight

...with Reena Van Aalst

In this session, Gordon shares:

  • the “two futures” your building might have, and what they each could cost you
  • how to ensure the right buyers are lining up for an apartment in YOUR building, not the one down the street
  • why it’s essential for committees to have systems in place for the approval of renovation works applications…

Dr Alex Morris

In this session, Dr Alex shares:

  • why we need to communicate differently online
  • what we’re missing when we don’t interact face to face
  • how to enjoy the best of both worlds: online and face to face
  • how to structure your meeting agenda for best results…

Ethan Burns

In this session, Ethan shares:

  • why NOW is exactly the right time for strata communities to focus on sustainability
  • how you can get started on a project even if there’s no money in the capital works fund
  • how he helped one building save $95,000 on their electricity bill in one year…

David Chandler OAM

In this session, David shares:

  • the new legislation intended to clamp down on unscrupulous builders and developers
  • why the “signatures for sale” days are over
  • his plan to ensure 10 year warranty periods for apartment buildings…

Cat Carmichael, CMCA, PCAM

In this session, Cat shares:

  • how the management community in the U.S is turning the crisis of the pandemic on its head
  • why she’s concerned by short-sighted boards focussed only on the present
  • the recruitment strategy that will secure talented people for a recession-proof industry…
Sam Reece Australian Apartment Advocacy

Sam Reece

In this session, Sam shares:

  • the no. 1 reason people choose apartments
  • why apartment investors have reason to smile during tough times
  • what’s on the reform agenda for Australian Apartment Advocacy right now
  • the upcoming education kit you’ll want to get your hands on…

Amanda Farmer

In this special LIVE session, Amanda shares:

  • what it takes to prove to the Tribunal that your community is dysfunctional
  • why the appointment of a compulsory manager is not necessarily the outcome you should be seeking
  • the no 1 thing that dramatically improves apartment living…

Your Summit Host: Amanda Farmer

Amanda Farmer is a lawyer with over 17 years’ experience advising apartment owners, communities, managers and developers.

As a Fellow of the Australian College of Strata Lawyers, Amanda is a recognised expert in the field of strata law.

Amanda is the owner of Lawyers Chambers, a Sydney legal practice focussed entirely on strata and community title law.

Since 2016, Amanda has hosted the Your Strata Property podcast, dedicated to demystifying the legal complexities of apartment living.

Amanda regularly delivers workshops, webinars and presents at conferences and events, often appearing in the media as a subject-matter expert.

As a resident in a strata scheme herself, Amanda is particularly passionate about helping residents to understand and implement the important steps towards a more peaceful experience of community living.

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Shared Space: the Online Summit for Strata Property Owners on 15-19 September 2020

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