Nikki Jovicic of LookUpStrata joins me to share our common passion for empowering owners through strata knowledge. I answer a couple of curly questions for Nikki’s website and we discuss the ripple effect of strata managers having access to quality education.

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  1. Thanks Amanda for the information!

    At the moment the more we know the more frustrated we get. What is the point of knowing the Rorts we are facing, if we do not have Consumer Protection in housing. Where is Fair Trading making sure that we are not ripped off?
    I read that a Member of parliament will try to have a Royal Commission in housing. We are losing trees and our wildlife is in trouble, I went to check my mail and found a dead young ring tail possum on our pathway.
    Also we know that Heat and dust kills people but nobody is doing anything to protect workers and the exposed residents abo

    Thanks again!!

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