Bruce Minter, long-term strata committee member, joins me as we discuss the incredible resilience required to lead a strata community. Bruce explains how he helped his community shift its collective mindset and break “the curse of low levies”. He shares lessons learned from the U.S. Founding Fathers, and his unique understanding that strata “is not a jam stall at a school fete. It’s a business”.

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  1. Thanks Amanda and Bruce – such a useful session. Bruce’s journey and experience is very similar to mine, so I’ve come away with quite a few useful ideas (and I’m looking at my own copy of Neil Perry’s Balance & Harmony on my coffee table right now!).

    1. Many thanks, Jennifer, am glad you found the podcast helpful.

      Perhaps cooking is The Big Secret to successful strata administration?? One must be organised, and always chasing a positive outcome. Who wants to end up in a mess and serve something gross or inedible – which seems to be where a fair few stratas end up… ^_^.

  2. Like I said in the past The Housing Regulators have to investigate the Rorts in Strata Living. Saying that by people paying over the top levies is going to fix the problem is making the Rorters do more damage to the people who bought a Home to live not a place to make millions/billions. While the people who do not have the money to pay the Rorters have to live in cars or the street.
    Our strata building is a big example of it. We pay Special levies and big quarterly levies and it’s not enough.
    Sorry if I sound angry but it makes me very angry that the politicians who can do something about it sold their soul and the only thing that Matters is $$$$

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