In this final podcast episode for 2023, Reena and I cover:
The pod will be back in the second week of the new year.

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  1. Oooohh the same. old. problem.
    There is a law. It’s black and white, but the attitude of strata committees and owners corporations across a growing majority is “Make us” when a lot owner asks for reasonable repairs and compensation.
    What can be done to minimise this very common and very destructive behaviour pattern?

  2. Thanks Amanda and Reena for the information
    I am a strata owner who refused to inspect my lot because I believe that instead of Fair Trading doing something about the cost of living and consumer protection is doing the contrary by enforcing laws that it does not do anything for our safety but the contrary will happen.
    My experience in the matter:2011 the previous strata company sent a fire certifier to inspect our fire doors.  According to them our strata complied with the fire regulation even if two of the doors one was holding the cover with a sticky tape.  We decided to replace the front doors but the door supplier did not install them until we had our fire rated from our Council. 
    We did it and the council came to our property and gave us some advice on the matter. We replaced the smoke alarms and the electrician was excellent and placed the smoke alarms in the proper place.
    2023 according to the Strata Manager it needs access to my property even if I informed them that  our Local Fire brigade came to advise me on the matter.  They checked the smoke alarm and everything was working.  They also said that they were going to go check the fire hydrant.  I responded that we did not have one.  They replied that ours was located on the road so we did not need one.My question: if the Real Estate agent is the one who should make sure that a Lot complies with the Fire Regulation before its rented out.  Why do the Strata Owners pay for it?

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