009. How Legislative Changes Around Urban Renewal Affect You As A Strata Owner

How Legislative Changes Around Urban Renewal Affect You As A Strata Owner

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Key Points / Timestamps

  • 00:23 – Introduction and Overview
  • 01:43 – Dr. Hazel Easthope explains how Urban Renewal affects¬†Strata residents and owners
  • 03:18 – How recent legislative changes around urban renewal in¬†New South Wales affect the people living in Strata
  • 3:41 – The¬†new legislation that has been passed could¬†mean that you could possibly have your apartment sold ‘against your will’
  • 05:13 – Examples of¬†safeguards in the law that would protect the minority voters around Strata Scheme termination (and protect you from having your apartment sold against your will)
  • 06:02 – Two likely scenarios¬†where Strata Schemes termination may happen
  • 07:48 – How long the¬†Strata Schemes termination process usually takes
  • 08:49 – Dr. Hazel Easthope discusses¬†a scenario¬†around how the new regulations could benefit¬†Strata residents
  • 10:41 – The three main concerns¬†around ederly Stata residents in relation to Urban Renewal
  • 12:09 – The key¬†challenges Strata communities are likely to¬†encounter around urban¬†renewal
  • 14:41 – Dr. Hazel Easthope action steps listeners can take to¬†prepare¬†for the changes in the Urban Renewal Law
  • 16:27 – Books that have had a significant impact on Dr. Hazel Easthope and why
  • 17:13 – How listeners can find out more about Dr. Hazel Easthope and her final thoughts
  • 17:29 – Wrap up and Thank you

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