051. How To Prepare Your Strata Property For Sale – With Paton Jamieson

This week, I chat to one of Sydney’s most charming real estate agents: Paton Jamieson, who offers his top tips when it comes to preparing your strata unit for sale. Links Mentioned: http://www.patonjamieson.com.au Instagram Facebook LinkedIn Eden – Bondi Junction Spruce – Camperdown Paton Jamieson’s Contact Information: Mobile Number: 0416 246 969

049. Collective Sale and Renewal with Leisha de Aboitiz (references to NSW law)

This week, I am joined by lawyer Leisha de Aboitiz of Massons Lawyers, as we discuss the collective sale and renewal process under the new NSW law, whereby 75% of lot owners may vote to sell or redevelop the entire strata scheme. Links Mentioned: Get the transcript here! www.massons.com www.massons.com/team/leisha-de-aboitiz/ Part 10 Strata Schemes Development…

047. What You Must Know Before Buying In To Strata

This week, I speak to Nicole Johnston of Deakin University about a frightening truth uncovered by her research: the LACK of information strata owners are receiving at the point of purchase. This is a valuable summary of what you should be investigating before buying into strata. Links Mentioned: Get the transcript here! www.deakin.edu.au Nicole Johnston…

045. Know Thy Neighbours

In this week’s short episode [## mins], I share with you a blog post about community living that I stumbled across recently – a post which reminds of the impact we can have when we’re truly present in our communities. Links Mentioned Get the transcript here! www.optimallivingdaily.com www.minimalists.com/neighbors

043. Strata Managers vs Real Estate Agents – with Tim McKibbin of REI (NSW)

This week I interview Tim McKibbin, the CEO of the Real Estate Institute of NSW, on the difference between strata managers and real estate agents and how they each might learn to work together effectively. Links Mentioned Get the transcript here! The Real Estate Institute of New South Wales Books Mentioned Stephen R. Covey’s The 7…

042. Highlights from 2016 — A Year In Review

Happy New Year! In this first episode for 2017, I give you the highlights and key takeaways from past podcast episodes – a great way to hit the ground running in the strata-sphere this year. Links Mentioned Get the transcript here! 002. Reena Van Aalst on Working With Your Strata Manager and Getting the Most…

017. How To Deal With Noise in Strata Buildings

Stephen Raff of Ace Body Corporate shares his ideas on how strata residents might deal with noise problems. Links Mentioned    Get the transcript here! http://www.acebodycorp.com.au/orderbooks/ Books Mentioned Strata Living Stories: An Insider’s Guide To The Weirdest, Wackiest and Downright Hilarious Things Residents Do! By Stephen Raff Ace Body Corporate Handbook Our Journey – Achieving…

013. The Keys To Effective Strata Budgets

The Keys To Effective Strata Budgets Links mentioned Get the transcript here! Andrew Terrell LinkedIn Profile https://wellmanstrata.com.au/our-people/andrew-terrell http://www.flat-chat.com.au Books / Podcasts mentioned: Strata Living Stories  by Stephen Raff Planet Money (Podcast) Freakonomics (Podcast) Timferrissshow.com StartUp (Podcast) Your Strata Property (Podcast) Key Points/Timestamps 00:24 – Introduction and Overview 02:15 – Why it’s important to have a…

012. How To Use Technology To Improve Strata Management Outcomes

How To Use Technology To Improve Strata Management Outcomes Links Mentioned Get the transcript here! https://yourstrataproperty.com.au/book-amanda http://garybugden.com/ Book Mentioned World Beyond Tears: Father Chris Riley’s Mission to Help the World’s Poorest Children: Book by Sue Williams Strata Management in NSW by Gary Bugden (to be published later in 2016) Key Points/Timestamps 00:23 – Introduction and…

011. How To Establish A Sense Of Community In Strata Schemes With Rachel Cosentino

How To Establish A Sense Of Community In Strata Schemes Links mentioned Get the transcript here! https://www.slatergordon.com.au/our-people/rachel-cosentino Book Mentioned Optimism: Reflections on a life of Action Key Points/Timestamps 00:23 – Introduction and Overview 01:15 ­- Why it is important for people living in Strata and Community Schemes to feel the sense of community 02:26 -­…

010. Macquarie Bank’s Jenny Strong And Amanda Farmer Discuss Strata Finance And How To Use It Effectively

Resources / Links mentioned Get the transcript here! http://www.macquarie.com.au/strataloans Books mentioned Open: An Autobiography –  Andre Agassi Key Points / Timestamps 00:24 – Intro and Overview 01:31 – Jenny Strong discusses various ways an owner’s corporation might meet the cost of repairs, maintenance and upgrades to their building 03:16 – Why would a building opt for…

009. How Legislative Changes Around Urban Renewal Affect You As A Strata Owner

How Legislative Changes Around Urban Renewal Affect You As A Strata Owner Resources / Links mentioned: Get the transcript here! Fair trading fact sheet Fair trading email update register City Futures Report – Renewing the compact city Strata Community Australia events Owners Corporation Network www.cityfutures.net.au Books mentioned: Cosmopolis II: Mongrel Cities of the 21st Century…

008. The Truth About By-Laws In Your Strata Property (And How To Ensure You’re Not In Breach)

 How To Ensure You’re Not In Breach Of Your By-Laws Resources / Links Mentioned Get the transcript here! https://yourstrataproperty.com.au http://lawyerschambers.com.au/ Books Mentioned Screw It, Let’s Do It –  Richard Branson Key Points / Timestamps 00:24 – Intro and Overview 01:06 – Amanda Farmer invites the listeners to grab a copy of the Strata Essentials e-book…

Article: the difficulty of repealing an exclusive use by-law

In order for an owners corporation to repeal an exclusive use by-law that confers on the owner of a lot, or the owners of several lots, certain rights or privileges to use a part of the common property, section 52 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 (“SSMA”) requires the written consent of the owner(s) of the lot(s) concerned. In general, this means the written consent of the owners receiving the benefit of the common property in question.

What can be done about short term letting?

Recently, I was invited by strata management company Dynamic Property Services to sit on a panel, together with other strata ‘experts’, and answer a range of questions asked by strata owners.

One of those questions was: what to do about short term letting in strata?

Below I share with you my personal notes made in preparation for answering the various aspects of that important question:

Article: keeping animals in strata part 2, the road to approval

Previously, I wrote about when and how a resident of a strata scheme can keep pets in their lot.

Today, I set out the process than can be undertaken if the owners corporation has rejected your request to keep a pet.

So, you have written to the executive committee, enclosing a photo of Max lying on the grass with three other dogs at the park, belly up:

Article: can I have a pet? Please? Keeping an animal in strata, part 1

When I was a kid, my Christmas wish-list every year included a puppy. But all I remember was receiving different pairs of I-swear-they-are-fashionable-funky-socks and some you-will-grow-into-them-sweaters from my parents. I must admit, Santa and I were not on the best of terms for a long time. But eventually, I realised the real obstacle standing between Father Christmas and my fulfilling childhood were the by-laws for our unit block.

Article: what is a ‘large strata scheme’?

Have you ever dreamed of living in a ‘New York’ style high-rise apartment looking over the alluring lights of the city? I know I have, particularly after the first episode of Suits where they showed Harvey Specter’s apartment.

However, living in a high-rise residential building is not just about throwing fancy dinner parties to make your friends jealous, despite your fear of heights.

Article: what is the difference between strata title and company title?

It is difficult to imagine that almost 55 years ago strata title was a non-existent concept. Before the introduction of the NSW strata title legislation in 1961, the most prevalent way of regulating the ownership of ‘common property’ in NSW was the concept of company title.

What is Company Title?

Article: is your strata scheme dysfunctional?

You may have heard of the television sitcom Arrested Development. It’s about a man called Michael Bluth who tries to do the right thing and strives to keep his family together, despite his highly manipulative and materialistic parents, attention seeking twin sister, socially inept little brother and highly unreliable older brother. And how could we forget Tobias Fünke, his brother-in-law who is a self-diagnosed ‘never-nude’ (which is ‘exactly what it sounds like’).

Article: asbestos in strata, a reminder of your obligations

Since 1 January 2012, all strata buildings containing a common property workplace built before 1 January 2004 must comply with certain legislative requirements relating to asbestos. In summary, these requirements relate to

(a) the identification of asbestos

(b) the creation of an asbestos register and

(c) the creation of an asbestos management plan.

003. 6 Tips For Dealing With Criminals In Strata Properties

Resources and Links Mentioned Get the transcript here! The six signs you have a troublemaker in your strata building http://womeninstrata.com.au/blog/dealing-with-difficult-residents/ Key Points / Timestamps 00:00 — Intro and Overview 00:40 — How to recognise criminals in strata and the specific behaviours they exhibit 01:23 — Amanda’s workshops on how to deal with 6 types of…