Back when the world was a little different (February, to be precise) I spent an evening with residents of The City of Canterbury-Bankstown, answering their questions about:

Today, I’m bringing you my answers to these questions and more, delivered live to audience members on the night.

My next live event is via webinar for Parramatta Council – TODAY in fact! Register here for a midday kickoff.

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  1. By-laws.
    I really do not follow how Amanda can have Cathy Sherry on the show and still be so gun hoe about by-laws that infringe on Mill’s harm theory.
    If there is some harm from the actions of the individual then society most likely already has avenues of redress.
    I would suggest a re-read of the Sherry book on Property Rights rather than lining the pockets of a brief to draft something that more than likely undermines individual freedoms.

  2. Thanks Amanda!
    In regards to the bylaw about birds. My solution is very simple, the State Government and our Local Council should not let Developers/investor get rid of our trees before a building is built., not only they provide food and shelter to our native fauna but at the same time they act as noise insulation that some people use to bully the residents. For example, I do not have privacy or noise insulation and then those people who make the damage start to play the victims. I have 27 windows and 3 doors facing me . Did the local council or the State Government do anything about it? Its getting worst instead of better.
    Where is Consumer Protection? Or liveable dwellings?

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