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This week I’m bringing you part of my presentation delivered to strata residents for Waverley Council in Sydney a few weeks ago. You’ll get my LIVE answers to the following questions and more:

  • how landlords can be made responsible for tenants’ by law breaches
  • how to access the strata roll
  • what constitutes a conflict of interest on the committee
  • who should attend mediation on behalf of a building
  • what’s happening with short term letting in NSW

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  • Christine Ezekiel
    April 18, 2019 12:54 pm

    The first podcast I have listened to – AWESOME!… this one has answered a lot of my own questions… The information will give me confidence as I now realize I have the legal information. I cannot wait to approach both COO (in my case consist of a couple of lawyers who intimidate me) and the Strata Company who have been treating me like a dumb blonde. Thanks, Amanda I am so pleased to finally getting good information to be more empowered. I will be listening to as many podcasts I can.

  • So happy to hear this Christine! From your terminology, it sounds like you’re in WA (?) Just be aware that the presentation you listened to was delivered to NSW lot owners, so while generally relevant, the legislation references will not be directly equivalent in WA.


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