This being episode 250, we’re celebrating our 5th birthday! 

We’ve covered a lot of ground since those first few wobbly episodes, but there’s always more to learn and share. 

This week, I’m highlighting some of the comments I received after last week’s discussion about asbestos in fire doors. I also share insights from the conference I attended with U.S. attorneys, including their prediction that communities will soon be attempting to restrict the “unvaccinated” from using common facilities. 

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  1. By-laws that regulate people based on vaccine status.

    Easy enough to ride the wave of public COVID fear and introduce a by-law that segregates the jabbed from the not jabbed, consider if we do go there and it is valid.

    It’s just a jump to the left – to make the same rule in future for those who haven’t had their annual flu jab
    Then a step to the right – to extend the concept to kids who do not have a full course of jabs.
    With your hands on your hips – make it for anything you like.

    The US is far from a model, other than a model of how to over empower owners and make a mess of property rights as we know them. It’s all in the book by the marvelous Cathy Sherry.

    And would such a by-law pass muster if tested under s 139?
    I certainly hope not.

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