Michael Kleinschmidt of Stratum Legal joins me to shed some light on new COVID legislation impacting QLD body corporates. We discuss the status of strata law reform generally in QLD and why Michael believes buildings should have the option to serve meeting notices by Twitter, if it suits them. You’ll also want to tune in for the details of Michael’s new owner-advocacy group, established especially for Queenslanders. 

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  1. Thanks Amanda!!
    I think that we need a survey about the Rorts going on in Strata Schemes. I wonder if they have done it in Queensland?
    The more money we have in a Strata sinking fund the more rorts we’ll have because as we all know some Strata Managers and Committee members do all they can to rort the system by doing unnecessary and shonky work in a strata. I have plenty of experience in the subject. Today, a neighbour emailed me informing me that in her strata finally they did not have to raise their levies because a person in her Strata made sure that the work was done properly and money wasn’t wasted on consultants. I believe that is another Rort.
    Why pay a strata member 20% for paying their due levies? Why having a committee member to vote on the phone? How do we know if the committee member or a member of a Strata Scheme is the person who are supposed to own the Lot?
    I believe in NSW Fair should have the names of the qualified people for us to engage if we need them like: roofers, painters, plumbers…

    Thanks again!!

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