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  1. My feeling is that anything goes on Strata Schemes and nothing happens to the Strata Managers who do not do the right thing.
    The Strata Manager should inform the Owners Corporation that they are not their Strata Manager and tell them to get the books from them. I am sure that a previous Strata Manager did the right thing and informed us . At the beginning we were charged for items that we did not get services from but later because one of the committee members was checking the invoices we got the money back. But that is not the case with the present strata manager who was previously compulsory appointed Strata Manager by the CTTT for 6 months. I did not want their appointment but couldn’t do anything about it because there were 2 owners and a proxy (the proxy did not know what she was voting for) against me.
    Thanks Amanda and Reena!!

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