When it comes to waterproofing, Ross Taylor is a man who can “see leaks on the drawings”. He’s working closely with the NSW government to ensure our future apartment buildings are a little more watertight than they have been so far. But in today’s conversation, we tackle a different issue: why are our older, leaky buildings being fixed 3 times over, with owners wasting potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary remedial work? The answer may be a little controversial…

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  1. Hi Amanda ,

    That was spot on and hit the nail on his head….on every point …

    I been in the building industry for 50+ years building cottages – 3 storey walk-ups – and high rise in the city ending up running a large construction outfit in Australia … I can relate to Ross’s pitch in addition I also have a number of Unit and never attend any AGM’s and likewise I build 21 Waterfront Units in the 70 ‘ in Drummoyne ( don’t laugh for total price of 309 000.00 $ ) still standing and fetching high prices …

    Strata Commissioner is a plausible solution –to get some standard on foot in the Strata Scheme which still floating around the 3 storey blocks of 18 ( we just to buy 3 adjacent houses bang up – all with red bricks – wire combed and sell the units for 10/12 000.00 $ ) these building were solid , not pretty…

    Waterproofing is issue , water will find its way and its important to get to the root of the problem.. which is not been done in most Strata’s.

  2. Thanks Amanda and Ross.
    I believe that if Fair Trading makes sure that the people we engage on our Strata Schemes to do the work are fully qualified to do the work.
    They should have standard fee so we do not need to get the cheaper or the most expensive fee but get a repair that it does not need to be done multiple times.
    I am sure other people who has to go through terrible repairs that were not needed on the first place will agree with me.

    Thanks again!!

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