I’m continuing an important conversation commenced last week about how we communicate: as owners, committee members and strata managers. I share three ways we can improve communication to save time, money and sanity, plus give you access to a proven resource you can use to start implementing these strategies in your building and those you’re serving, right now.

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  1. Thanks Amanda for all the information that you send us.
    I would suggest to the Strata Managers to let everyone know where they can help and where they cannot do it.
    If you read my complains about our strata management company you would understand why some of us believe that some of them are a waste of money and we cannot do anything about it because we do not have consumer protection in our Strata Schemes.
    At the moment if you own your Home in 4 Lots building the Government is only interested on getting our Homes so they are not doing anything about it. The more conflict the more unhappy people who have to sell and move away . Everyone loses because caring communities do not exist anymore .
    Having a Roof on our Heads should be treated as a Human Rights instead of an Economical Transaction.
    Thanks again!!

  2. Hi Amanda
    Thankyou for this webinar
    1 Set a code of conduct protocol before any meeting.
    2. Zero tolerance regarding aggressive, threatening or non courteous or professional phone calls and emails
    Respect and curtesy needs to return to strata communications

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