Strata Manager Letter of Resignation + Motions to Terminate (NSW)


Use this letter and template general meeting motions when a strata manager’s agency agreement is being terminated early, by mutual consent.

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Sometimes the relationship between a strata manager and their owners corporation client just doesn’t work out. It’s important that there is a process for parting ways that is efficient, respectful and legal. This template pack contains a sample letter of resignation which can be issued by a strata manager and template motions for an owners corporation to resolve at a general meeting, accepting the resignation. The motions ensure compliance with section 50(3) of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (SSMA). The templates also refer to a “Deed” which the parties may or may not have in place. A Deed is recommended to protect each party’s interest and should be drawn by a lawyer with knowledge of your specific situation.

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