Essential By Laws Webinar (Members Only)

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Learn what makes a “good” by-law and how to avoid the pitfalls of “bad” by-laws. 

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • recent NCAT cases on “harsh, unconscionable or oppressive” by-laws
  • when by-laws go too far
  • the reasons why by-laws may be declared invalid or illegal
  • examples of effective and enforceable by-laws

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This is a particularly useful webinar if:

  • you find yourself saying to your clients or fellow committee members: “I don’t think that by-law is such a good idea…” but you can’t really explain that gut feeling
  • you want to know what “harsh, unconscionable or oppressive” means and how our Tribunal has been interpreting this new aspect of our NSW legislation
  • you want a ready framework you can quickly apply to determine if a proposed by-law will be valid, enforceable and, above all, effective.

As a specialist strata lawyer with over 16 years’ experience in strata and community living, I’ve helped many buildings and individual owners resolve chronic problems – simply by tapping into the power of by-laws. With just a little knowledge of the relevant legal tools and processes, you’ll be able to take confident steps to improve your community on the communities you serve.


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