Join Reena and Amanda as they share their wins and challenge LIVE with members-only, and solve member challenges too

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In this special members-only event, Amanda shares her challenge when it comes to the installation of security cameras in strata schemes: can a lot owner install a camera within their own property that films others?
Reena asks: as a strata manager, what do I do when the committee members ask me not to put particular emails on the file? Can I comply with that instruction? 
Amanda and Reena also deep dive into member questions, including:
    • how do we convince owners in an aging building that repairs and maintenance are essential? 
    • what do I do about an owner’s room-mate constantly parking in the visitor parking? 
    • what are the options for raising $1m+ for urgent repair work? 

and more.

Access the copy of the YSP Live 2020 Presentation Slides here.

MEMBERS ONLY ACCESS – this video is not available to the general public. 


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