This week, Reena and I are tackling these sticky situations – some of which may already be on your mind:

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  1. Do the executors of a deceased estate have to continue paying quarterly levies until the estate is finalised? Does a two lot scheme with 50/50 lot ownership come to a standstill if one lot owner dies? How would repairs and maintenance issues be resolved?

    1. Hi gumnut, the estate is liable for the amounts levied on the lot. If there are no liquid assets, in my experience owners corporations are usually content to wait a period of time, knowing the property will be listed for sale and any levy debt met on settlement.
      Excellent point about 2 lot schemes: in that case, one of the lot owners would not be eligible to vote (because they are deceased…) and with one owner only eligible to vote in meetings, that owner makes all decisions on the part of the Owners Corporation. The same applies in a 2-lot scheme if one of the owners is unfinancial, for example.

  2. Thanks Amanda!
    In regards of people wearing face mask on public places. Remember that in March 2020 when I had to see you I was wearing a face mask? I read articles of what was happening around the world and their recommendations, that was the reason I wear a face mask whenever I go out and try to be out of my way from 2 people in our building that do not practice safe distance. Having a bylaw about it won’t solve the problem.
    We need the governments telling people that if they do not follow the rules they will be paying the price with being sick for a long time.
    Thanks Again !!

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