In this week’s jam-packed episode, I question the legality of “global” bylaws which brazenly attempt to approve past, present and future renovation works within strata buildings. Reena shares a win for the owner of a community development lot and I celebrate the installation of child safety nets on a balcony.

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  1. Can I be made tear up a hardwood floor (professionally done and approved specs) after 10 yrs. I didn’t have approval.

    1. Hi Beverley, if the floor has been in place for that length of time then I suggest you propose a by-law which retrospectively approves the installation and makes clear that you take all responsibility for the floor. If your owners corporation refuses to make the by law and pursues you for removal, you will be on strong grounds to retain the floor as you have acted reasonably in proposing the by-law. The by-law should be prepared by an experienced strata lawyer. My team can assist if you contact us here:

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