This week, Reena and I tackle another COVID conundrum: whether and how to reopen the gym. I share a win for a pet owner who turned her strata committee around and we lament the repeal of section 125 of our NSW Act: how now to deal with abandoned goods and illegally parked vehicles?

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  1. Thanks Amanda and Reena
    We know that we can get the virus in places like lifts and gyms . Owners Corporation will need a 24/7 cleaner to make sure that they do not have any virus to infect the residents or visitors, the least the State Government should do is to make mandatory to wear a face mask whenever we leave our dwellings and have ventilation on common properties, otherwise is a waste of time trying to enforce a bylaw.
    Other matters that it really makes me question the government :
    1. Why do we need different laws in different buildings to keep a pet? The government should have legislation in black and white so nobody needs to spend money on lawyers to get justice.
    2. Why did the government change the legislation in regards to make it more difficult for the owners corporation to get rid of a car left behind and not bothering asking owners corporation for their thoughts on the matter?
    I know that my second question would not had made any difference because the government is not listening to common sense.

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