In our first co-hosted episode of 2020, Reena and I get stuck into these curly questions: 

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  1. Hi Our previous strata managers would not agree pay a similar claim to a tenant for clothes stored in garage. Interesting !!

  2. Does your advice ( case mentioned 21702 ) about illegal structures apply in QLD law ? If so – would u be so kind as to point out this legislation to me.
    I have a problem where an aircon or reticulation in the unit above me is consistently dripping onto common property ( my front balcony ) I am being effected -especially when windy- as I can’t enjoy that part of the balcony All owners are suppose to install ( if it is an aircon ) after the body corporate committees approval -and to the back balconies. Also they have to be correctly plumbed
    This constant dripping has also been effecting my
    ability to open the sliding door -on that side -as the water when windy is being blown into my lot

    1. Hi Robyn, if your body corporate requires owners to obtain approval prior to installation of air conditioning, then I suggest you report this dripping to your body corporate manager or committee representative. It may be that (a) the installation does not have approval or (b) the installation has not been carried out in accordance with the approval and requires rectification. Either way, the body corporate should pursue the issue.

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