Reena and I cover:
  • public outdoor pools are reopening in NSW. What does this mean for our strata pools?
  • is it legal for residents to take refundable bottles and cans from the bins?
  • the talented chairperson able to calm a very difficult resident, and
  • finally, the new law permitting us to enforce Tribunal orders.

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  1. Our strata pool is indoors but has fob access at each end. So potentially the building manager could only give access to one specific fob per apartment on the basis of being provided with the imunisation record showing double vaccination??

    1. I’d be cautious of imposing this requirement, Bruce, in the absence of (a) a by-law and (b) the same rules applying to our public and commercial spaces. At the moment, those new laws have not started.

  2. Interesting to hear the discussion on the collection of bottles. It’s about recycling rather than the financial benefit for most people, the 10c refund was brought in as an incentive. Thanks for clarifying the status of the communal bins. Had to laugh at the potential to see private documents…

  3. Thanks Amanda about the information about the new powers the NCAT has to help bullies in our strata schemes. SMH reported 12/11/2016, the then Minister for Fair Trading informed us that S232 was for “Tyrants to face Legal Crackdowns”. I believe that the contrary has happened. We should have one law for all instead of individual bylaws.
    I believe that Fair Trading should make sure that we are not ripped off on our Strata Schemes by different bodies that we deal with. That should be their job as Regulators.
    Yesterday’s SMH ”A recent survey conducted with strata manager association Strata Community Association NSW discovered that 36 per cent of new buildings in the state had some structural defects but that only 19 per cent of those were reported to the Office of Fair Trading. The remaining 81 per cent were hiding them, falsely protecting their property values, negotiating with developers themselves or engaging in expensive, long-drawn-out court battles.”
    Regards to people not taking care of their personal information they place on their bins. I cut my papers and placed them in a compost bin so nobody will be able to read them.

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