This week, I’m joined by Tony Scott, who is a committee member in a small Sydney strata scheme. Tony shares the step by step process taken by his building to replace a blanket ban on pets with a more reasonable by-law, permitting pets with the approval of the strata committee. Tony has some excellent, practical tips to win over even the most “pet-unfriendly” owners. Vital listening for anyone questioning the legitimacy of their own building’s pet-ban.

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  1. All the discussion is around blanket bans but real issue seems to be dogs and cats, particularly dogs.
    The recent case, Yardy, that is setting the bar has two cornerstones, contemporary community standard and the right to co-habitation.
    So even if a SP doesn’t have a blanket ban pet by law, for example a by law that allows certain animals, like an axolotl or goldfish, but prohibits others, say cats or dogs, then it is unlikely such a semi-prohibitive by law would stand up under scrutiny.

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