Michael Barnes of Credwell estimates that owners in up to 40% of residential strata buildings aren’t properly maintaining essential services, putting property and lives at risk. In this chat, we talk about emergency management plans – including evacuation diagrams – and the high cost of failing to have a comprehensive plan in place.

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  1. Sprinklers in units in our 80 unit complex in North Sydney have not been inspected or tested for 18 years. The fire contractors advertise compliance with AS1851 but do not inspect these sprinklers or smoke detectors in units. The Minister Anderson says he cannot intervene. Fair Trading will not act. The Strata Committee says this inspection is “not necessary”. What can I do?

  2. Thanks, Amanda for the information that you post for us to read:

    In regards to having safety in our buildings, I believe nobody is interested in informing us. It would be so easy to do like: telling people to have a fire blanket and a small 1-kilo fire extinguisher in the bedroom. Tell people to leave the place if they believe the fire is too strong to contain. I believe it takes less than 5 minutes to be killed in a fire. Remain people not to escape through the lift. The problem I see in the new buildings is that is very difficult for people to get out through the stairs. Remember the gentlemen who died in Westfield Bondi Shopping Centre because he could not get out?

    Hope that we’ll have governments that look after our safety instead of looking the other way.

    Thanks again!!

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