I’m happy to announce that my regular co-host is BACK this week! Reena and I are covering:

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  1. What is the best way to hold an EGM during restrictions. We have a strata containing 59 residential apartments.

    1. Hi Jennifer, in the above podcast episode, I talk through the convening of an outdoor meeting. Assuming you’re in NSW, there are currently no restrictions on the number of people allowed to gather on a strata scheme’s common property, though it is probably sensible to observe social distancing recommendations. Also, check if your building has resolved to adopt ‘other means’ of holding meetings, including electronic meetings. My short video here may assist: https://yourstrataproperty.com.au/how-to-hold-a-general-meeting-with-1-person-present-to-approve-future-electronic-meetings/

    2. Hi Amanda,
      It was very interesting listening to You and
      Reena….we are having our AGM Meeting this Thursday 21st May…we have a few Obstacles to deal with… we are in a 1 Year old building and it has been very Challenging in regards getting the Builder to fix Defects…. the majority Owners Corporation have been very unhappy with our Strata and want to appoint a new Strata…. Our strata fees are going up by
      $ 400 per Quarterly levy which is a lot of money…. apparently when the Strata was formed by the Builder it was very Underfunded…. I was at one of your information nights at Bondi Junction mid last year which was very interesting….I am stepping down as the Secretary….As I don’t have All off the knowledge in regards all the Rules within the Strata, would still like to be part of the Committee and help out with the daily running of things…..I suppose lots of people don’t always have knowledge of the running of the Strata Committee but it would help to get some good guidance from one’s Strata….
      I would like to join the membership you have…
      It’s just been the finances…… I believe it’s $39
      to become a member with you…..

      Thanks you Kindly

      Wilhelmina Bruijnius (Mina)

  2. It’s a relief to know that committees split over policies and decisions on how to run the strata complex. However, ours split because some members are ‘smuggled’ in the EC by the managing agent to support their operation, its management tenure especially.
    One owner, who is even a service provider was nominated in absentia, not even a proxy was submitted. The strata manager just accepted such nomination and his name was suddenly included in the minutes of the concluded AGM as EC member to my surprise.
    The other one declared in the open during our last AGM that she would not join the EC, yet when the minutes of the meeting was published, that person was also included in the EC.
    My protest over the inclusion of a service provider and its conflict of interest even before the meetings has been ignored. I did not get any backing from the strata manager about the ethics involved with such practice.
    Those two owners take turns to ‘nominate’ themselves in the EC supporting their own vested interests with blessings from the strata manage, who is just taking care of its own interests as well.
    Thank you kindly for bringing this up in your podcast. I do appreciate the information I gather from both of you. I find it a great blessing to hear it on your side apart from what Fair Trading is saying. So, I keep on tuning and following.

  3. The strata levies go up and up and like Emiliana informs us the whole thing is a Rort. We used to ran the strata without a Strata Manager and the levies were very low in a building of 4 Lots. In 2000 we decided to paint and do some repairs to the building and everyone was involved in the repairs and the work was done well.
    Then we had a compulsory strata manager in 2008 and things became unworkable because they charged us for work that was not needed and shonky that we had to pay to pay for them to be rectified. Fair Trading has all the documentation because I had been complaining since 2008 but some reasons Fair Trading does not do anything about it.

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