Reena and I cover:

*Note: this conversation was recorded a couple of weeks ago and the situation with NSW lockdown is rapidly changing. Make sure you stay up to date via NSW Health and access the latest public health orders.

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  1. Hi Amanda/Reena,

    I really appreciate all of the information that you share…..

    1- how can we get the QR Code to put in our 32 Unit Apartment building…
    2- what can be done with Residents and Visitors ignoring the wearing of Masks, we have notices put trough out our building including the lifts…

    By the way, I am trying to negotiate with our Strata Manager if they are able and willing to pay for me joining your Subscription, being part of the Committee I would like to share the information with the Owners Corporation, if that would be possible….

    Kind Regards


    1. Hi Mina, I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast.

      You can obtain a QR code from Service NSW here:

      As for enforcing mask-wearing, I answered this on last week’s “Strata in Lockdown” webinar. The replay of this webinar is now inside the membership. Thank you for your interest in joining us. Please email me direct on to discuss options, including building-wide access to the member benefits.


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