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  1. Thanks Amanda and Rena!!
    Could you please answer me this question? According to the podcast the Strata manager did not do his job. Will Fair Trading disqualified him and make him pay for the money he was charging to the OC and not doing his job? I know that if a Compulsory Strata Manager does not tell the owners corporation when it finished its appointment that they did not pay the full amount of a bill to a debt collector the owners corporation is liable to pay the bill because according to the Act? the strata manager is not liable for the extra payment to a debt collector but the owners corporation who were unaware of the bill because they were acting on the OC behalf. It happened in our strata scheme. I wonder how many people are in the same situation?

    Thanks again!!

  2. I would have thought that Strata managers were liable if they didn’t do their job properly. Just like anyone else who doesn’t do their job properly face consequences. Otherwise you would get all these strata managers say they will look after everything then take the money and leave it all a mess. This has been my personal experience and we were left to fix it ourselves with no penalty to strata manager.

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