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  1. I think Cooper is talked about from a very pro pets position.
    For me the interest with Copper is:

    101. There may be schemes that, in their context and circumstances, objectively justify a “no pets” by law.

    The Senior Member after, dissecting and rejecting the reasons in Yardy and McCormick comes to the position that blanket bans can be appropriate but what is interesting in this case is that the Member feels an owners corporation has the onus of proof that a blanket ban by law is appropriate; otherwise kiss it goodbye.

    What seems common to al these reported case is the owner has the pet and then challenges. Might be entertaining to see how an owner goes who is trying to bring down a by-law before they get their pet.
    Also partial ban by-laws are yet to go under the microscope.

    Something like:
    Keeping of animals
    The owners or occupiers of the lot shall be entitled to keep any animal upon their lot provided that:
    4.1. no dogs or cats, other than assistance animals as prescribed by legislation, shall be allowed upon any lot or the common property;
    4.2 the animal is adequately restrained to prevent the animal entering or encroaching upon the common property or any other lot; and
    4.3. the keeping of such animal is not otherwise prohibited by law.

  2. Hi Stephen, this was challenged by me before I had my pet on the premises. I was informed by the committee themselves that I should not mess with the by-law, and if I want my dog, I should sneak him in a bag as it’s the way it has always been done. This did not sit right with me, the building was full of pets when I moved in, I was the only one who tried to go down the right path of submitting a motion for change. From that moment on the situation became extremely ugly and bullying and intimidation tactics have been extreme. Hope that helps you understand the situation better.

      1. Pleasure Amanda.
        Unfortunately all the facts are not reported in the media. However in my submission to the NCAT hearing what I mentioned above along with all the other facts around my case were never disputed by my committee.

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