Zinc Apartments in Sydney’s Alexandria recently installed electric vehicle charging infrastructure, making it available to all residents with a parking space. In this chat, strata committee member Nathan Hage explains why his community prioritised this issue and steps us through the process.

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  1. Sheer nonsense there is no mention of the hundreds of thousands of dollars required to upgrade the fire suppression systems to handle an EV fire, indeed in most cases, this is not even possible or the massive increase in insurance premiums that will inevitably occur when the insurance companies finally realise the danger that an EV fire will take out the whole complex. Most large apartment complexes don’t have the electrical capacity to support charging and increasing capacity is a very large expense.

    1. Since when has engineering logic played any role in decision making especially when dealing with ideological issues?

  2. It would be good to have some more information in relation to the risks associated with the Lithium-ion batteries ie fire. There does not appear to be a lot of information out there on this topic.

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