I’m bringing you part of last week’s Friday LIVE chat, which has sparked a vital conversation about the impossible pressure being placed on some strata managers at the expense of their mental health and wellbeing. Owners are noticing, and not only are they unhappy with poor service standards, they’re worried about the future of this industry, which has only just started to call itself a “profession”. It’s time for a serious talk about workloads, hours, fee structures and simple kindness.


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  1. My experience with Terrible Strata Management has been because I believe we do not have a Good regulator in the Strata Industry in NSW. Example:
    2018 we had problems with the roof and took my case to the NCAT and I felt that Fair Trading was not interested in helping to do the repairs but instead did not do anything to fix the problem.
    Between the Strata Management and 2 committee members decided that the problem was the gutters so the copper gutters were replaced with a metal one.
    Then the down pipe came down and we had showers coming down the side of the building and it took 2 months to be replaced.
    They placed some spikes on the gutter to stop the birds from landing on them. The spikes did not do anything to stop them but are coming down because they glued them with silicon.
    This week they sent a gutter person to clean the gutter and I asked him if he was going to remove the spikes and he said, no.
    The way the gutter was installed instead of making the roof do its job is making it worse because water stays on it and they built a Great Swimming pool for the birds to have a swim when we have rain.
    We had an AGM on 28/4/2022 and do not have received the minutes. If I asked for them probably charge me for answering the phone. Also the minutes are never accurate so it would not make any difference.
    Also people should read the emails when they have the time to do it.

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