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Amanda Farmer helps property owners to demystify the legal complexities of apartment living.

Have you just purchased an apartment? What did you get yourself into! What is this bizarre world of draconian rules, nosy neighbours who tell you what you can and can’t do? Why can’t you keep your two cats? Who says you can’t just go ahead and renovate your bathroom? Maybe you haven’t even moved into your unit yet because the developer is one year late finishing the build. Apartment living was supposed to be the ‘simple life’…wasn’t it?

Or, maybe you’re an old hand at this strata stuff. You’ve served on your strata committee for years and you’ve seen it all: the late night parties, the strata manager who doesn’t return phone calls, the neighbours who don’t know a by-law from a bicycle. Maybe you’re a strata manager who deals with trouble makers all day (and most nights); you’re trying to get a handle on the relevant legislation, which seems neverending. How do you, an experienced strata expert, keep on top of the mountain of information that is out there, and sort the valuable from the useless so that you can best serve your community or your clients?

I’m Amanda Farmer, a specialist strata lawyer with over 16 years’ experience in strata and community living. As a Fellow and Council Member of the Australian College of Strata Lawyers, I am a recognised strata expert.

I have built an online community where strata owners and strata managers (whether beginners or experts) can access the information and resources that I know they need to live peacefully and stress-free in their own homes, increase the value of their investment and, in the case of managers, stand out from the competition: confidently managing their clients’ million dollar assets.

This is the Your Strata Property Online Membership Community.

Find out more about our community here.

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