Shared Space: the WORLD’S FIRST online summit for strata property owners

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Shared Space: the Online Summit for Strata Property Owners on 15-18 September 2020

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Never before in modern history have so many people spent so much time at home. 

We’ve seen a global shift to working from home. Some people are restricted by law to staying at home. Some of us have simply retreated for safety, security and comfort.

This rapid change has raised questions you’ve never had to ask before about the spaces you share with others, and the people you’re asking don’t always have the answers.

Amidst this dramatic change, the usual problems have been amplified: people are making noise at all hours,  renovating on a whim, overflowing the bins, complaining to the strata manager and challenging the committee members. 

Some aren’t paying their levies.

You’re trying to understand each other and connect through the unfamiliar medium of virtual meetings.

All of this, at a time when the decisions you’re making are critical, and the landscape never more uncertain. 

But the opportunity has never been greater.

Over 4 days in September 2020, we brought you 9 world-leading experts on community, property and law

Charles Vogl, author of The Art of Community

Charles Vogl

Author: The Art of Community

An executive advisor and regular guest lecturer at Yale School of Management and Yale Leadership Institute, Charles is the author of the international bestseller The Art of Community. 

Charles will share how individuals living in and leading our strata communities can build loyalty, strengthen identity and live out shared values, for the benefit of the whole.

Sam Reece Australian Apartment Advocacy

Sam Reece

Australian Apartment Advocacy

Sam is the director of Australian Apartment Advocacy – a group giving voice to people who choose apartments.

Sam will share how AAA is letting governments across the country know what we need, where we need it and how we can continue to improve apartment living.

Cat Carmichael, CMCA, PCAM

Strategy 1 2 3

With a 30-year background in community association management and financial services, Cat is the CEO of Strategy 123, a community association consulting firm, as well as the Immediate Past President of the Board of Trustees of the Community Associations Institute (U.S).

Cat shares the COVID challenges, solutions and opportunities for managers and their communities, as they are unfolding in the U.S right now.

Gordon Streight

Owner, committee member, investor, resident

Gordon has lived in strata for 20 years and is currently the chairman of 3 strata committees a strata representative to the country’s largest community title scheme.  Gordon has extensive experience executing value-add projects that improve liveability in residential buildings.

In a panel session together with Reena Van Aalst, Gordon explains the “two futures” your building might have and what they each could cost you.

David Chandler OAM

NSW Building Commissioner

David Chandler was installed as NSW’s first building commissioner in mid-2019 and since then has been focused on identifying risk-prone developers, builders, and certifiers.

David will be explaining the impact of new legislation, intended to clamp down on unscrupulous builders and developers, and prevent the pain of building defects for apartment owners.

Dr Alex Morris

Chartered Psychologist, Scientist and Associate Fellow with the British Psychological Society

Dr Alex uses her experience as a psychological wellbeing and behaviour change expert to support organisations and their people to thrive.

Dr Alex has a particular interest in the psychology of meetings and shares with us the real impact of the larger cognitive demand from virtual meetings and why we need to communicate differently in this new medium.

Reena Van Aalst Strata Central

Reena Van Aalst

Managing Director of Strata Central

Reena is a multi-award winning Sydney-based strata manager who has been serving our sector for almost 20 years. As a regular co-host on the Your Strata Property podcast, Reena is respected for her ‘no-nonsense’ approach to difficult problems and is always generous in sharing her extensive on-the-ground experience.

In a panel session together with committee member Gordon Streight, Reena covers the common pitfalls in lot owner renovation projects and how to avoid them plus reveals how great strata managers choose the buildings they want to manage.

Ethan Burns

Sustainability Now

Ethan is an environmental engineer and director of Sustainability Now, an energy consultancy specialising in residential strata buildings. Over the past 10 years, Ethan has helped over 500 strata communities with practical energy and water efficiency solutions.

Ethan will be explaining why NOW is exactly the right time to get started on an energy efficiency project in your building, even if there’s no money in the capital works fund.

Amanda Farmer

Lawyer, Your Strata Property

Amanda Farmer is your Summit Host, Summit Mentor, and the founder of Your Strata Property. A qualified practising strata lawyer, Amanda has been serving the strata sector for over 17 years.

In a special LIVE session, Amanda will answer the question “Is My Building Dysfunctional?” including outlining the steps you need to take if you want an administrator appointed to your owners corporation.

Your Summit Host: Amanda Farmer

Amanda Farmer is a lawyer with over 17 years’ experience advising apartment owners, communities, managers and developers.

As a Fellow of the Australian College of Strata Lawyers, Amanda is a recognised expert in the field of strata law.

Amanda is the owner of Lawyers Chambers, a Sydney legal practice focussed entirely on strata and community title law.

Since 2016, Amanda has hosted the Your Strata Property podcast, dedicated to demystifying the legal complexities of apartment living.

Amanda regularly delivers workshops, webinars and presents at conferences and events, often appearing in the media as a subject-matter expert.

As a resident in a strata scheme herself, Amanda is particularly passionate about helping residents to understand and implement the important steps towards a more peaceful experience of community living.

Why join us at the Shared Space Summit?

“You’ve got people who are experts flowing the information towards you. This is really about continuing education in the very circumstance that’s probably most important in your life: the place where you live.” 

Steven King
– strata committee secretary

“Understanding the 
rules that govern strata is an absolute matrix. You can’t do it on 
your own. You need someone to guide you. It is a must for anyone who lives in strata.”

Leila Sara
– owner occupier

“Because things can change in strata overnight.

Knowledge is power.”

Peter Quinn
– owner occupier

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Shared Space: the Online Summit for Strata Property Owners on 15-19 September 2020