Member call no. 17: Helping James to navigate life in a 2-lot scheme

In this call, I assist James with a number of problems currently facing him in his 2-lot scheme, including:

  • life after compulsory management
  • his neighbour’s refusal to agree to adequate levies
  • the illegal installation of a fence on the common property
  • the installation of a surveillance camera
  • reimbursement for costs expended on behalf of the Owners Corporation.

Here are the links to the video and resources mentioned during the call:

2 Responses

  1. Thanks Amanda!!
    Another person who is not happy the way we are treated when we have our cases at NCAT.
    My experience is that having a Compulsory Strata Manager is the worst thing you can have in a strata scheme.

    Thanks again!!

  2. Thank you, Good podcast.
    Similar problem faced with the appointment of Compulsory Strata Management in our two lot SP. It is beyond comprehension and common sense the way the assigned management is operating and actually does more damaged than good. The worse what could happen with such an arrangement is it is great financial burden, nothing gets done, bad attitude and incompetence of the Strata Management, no money in the funds of the Owners Corporation and creating more hostility between lot owners. And on top of it you can’t get rid of them until their term expires.

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