Friday LIVE with Amanda Farmer

Amanda was here LIVE asking the question: are our strata managers trapped in “toxic” jobs? A controversial topic and an important discussion…

Member call no. 48: Subdivisions, DAs, Dividing Fences and more

In this call with strata manager Donovan, I cover: penalty applications in the Tribunal: is mediation necessary? can the local council prevent short term letting in a strata building? what kind of approval is needed for a strata plan of subdivision? is the owners corporation responsible for ensuring that an owner’s reno has council consent? […]

Friday Happy Hour with Heidi Dening – Your Isolation Education!

It’s Happy Hour! Heidi Dening shares her tips for building resilience and confidently stepping into a leadership role during these extraordinary times. Amanda covers off the current state of the law in QLD, NSW, VIC and WA when it comes to strata meetings in person. Can we meet online instead?

Friday LIVE with Amanda Farmer and Jane Giacobbe

  Join Amanda Farmer and Jane Giacobbe – client relationship manager for the Strata Plus Group . With 20+ years’ experience in the strata sector, Jane specialises in welcoming new buildings to the fold and ironing out the inevitable creases of a handover. Jane will share: the most common reason a building wants to change […]

Friday Live with Amanda Farmer and Ash Roy

  Amanda will be here LIVE at 4pm AEST Friday with the wrap-up of the week in strata. Amanda will also be joined by special guest, Ash Roy. Ash is the founder of Productive Insights. With many of us continuing to bear the burdens of strict lockdown, Ash will share a few timely lessons learned […]

Dr Alex Morris: The Reality of Virtual Meetings

In this session, Dr Alex shares: why we need to communicate differently online what we’re missing when we don’t interact face to face how to enjoy the best of both worlds: online and face to face how to structure your meeting agenda for best results… Links and resources for this Summit Session: Receive your invitation […]

Charles Vogl: The Art of Community

In this session, Charles shares: how we motivate others to participate in our communities the importance of a proper welcome why strata committees need a “trust bank” why it’s essential for our communities to create and protect a “strong core”…   Links and resources for this Summit Session: Receive your invitation to the 2021 Shared […]

Cat Carmichael: The Future of Strata Management

  In this session, Cat shares: how the management community in the U.S is turning the crisis of the pandemic on its head why she’s concerned by short-sighted boards focussed only on the present the recruitment strategy that will secure talented people for a recession-proof industry… Links and resources for this Summit Session: Receive your […]

Amanda Farmer: Are we dysfunctional? How to Fix a Broken Community

    In this session, Amanda shares: what it takes to prove to the Tribunal that your community is dysfunctional why the appointment of a compulsory manager is not necessarily the outcome you should be seeking the no 1 thing that dramatically improves apartment living…   Links and resources mentioned: Receive your invitation to the […]

Shared Space: Reena Van Aalst and Gordon Streight – The Smart Way to Add Value

  In this session, Reena shares: how to avoid common renovation works pitfalls why it’s up to YOU to impress the strata manager you want to work with how to answer the emotional arguments put forward by owners who don’t want to invest in improving the common property…   In this session, Gordon shares: the […]

Member call No. 16: 7 excellent questions from strata manager Donovan

Assistant strata manager Donovan had been saving up all the ‘hard’ questions for just this call! The call is jam-packed with practical information for strata managers and committee members alike, including my answers to Donovan’s questions about by-law enforcement, committee meetings, defects warranty periods, subdividing common property and more.

Member call no. 20: Demystifying BMCs with strata manager Andrew

  In this call, I answer strata manager Andrew’s excellent questions about: whether NSW community associations can impose blanket bans on the keeping of animals how building management committees and strata management statements work what avenues NSW buildings have if they have an underperforming strata manager.   This is a very ‘hands on’ call filled […]