This week, Reena and I provide our guidance when it comes to the common question: can owners turn up to a meeting and pay their overdue levies on the spot? Reena also shares a hot tip for how to save your building a few dollars.

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  1. Hi there. During the podcast there was a comment made around Strata Committee meeting and Committee members needing to be financial at those meetings? Did I hear this correctly? If so, what action can be taken as we have a number of committee members who are attending committee meetings that are unfinancial (we have the strata levy to prove this). Would be interested to understand this? In the podcast it was mentioned as change to the new laws?

    Regards – StrataSaints

    1. Hi StrataSaints, yes you heard correctly. Check out clause 9(4) of Schedule 2 to the 2015 Act. I suggest that pointing this out to your committee chair and/or managing agent is a good first step. Reena and I are finding that many buildings/managers are simply not aware of this ‘new’ requirement…

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