YSP Podcast Episode 209. NSW Property Industry Reforms: How are Strata Managers Impacted?

I’m chatting to Sasha Boe of Real Estate Training Solutions about the property industry reforms that commenced in NSW on 23 March 2020 (yes, you may have been distracted by other things!) These reforms impact the way our strata managers operate – from the title they’re allowed to give themselves, to the training and qualifications they need to be able to start their own businesses. Sasha gives us the run down, including sharing her view that perhaps these reforms set the bar a little too high.

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  1. Thanks Amanda!!
    I believe that not only the Strata Managers need to know about the Strata Law but the NCAT members as well.
    Remember my case where according to our Strata Manager the people in the other Strata had a say on our bylaws? Lucky that you told me that they did not have a say, otherwise I would have them bullying me as well.
    Thanks again!!

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