YSP Podcast Episode 208. Finally, an accreditation for fire safety practitioners

Rob Broadhead of 2020 Fire Protection joins me with an update on the accreditation scheme (almost) in place for fire safety practitioners. * To quote Rob, his industry is now moving from “ragtag bunch of tradies” to “accredited professionals”. When we’re dealing with fire safety, that is indeed a welcome change. We also discuss the impact of the proposed new Fire Safety Standard for Short Term Rental Accommodation and whether Rob’s team has been feeling the impacts of COVID when it comes to gaining access to lots for fire safety inspections. 

Also listen carefully for details of the new COVID & Strata information hub I have set up for you: covidandapartments.info

[*Since recording, Rob has informed me that – as expected – the 6 April commencement date has been delayed. Sit tight for updates.] 

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