001. What Is Strata

In this episode, Amanda answers the question “what is strata?”, explaining how strata plans are created, the difference between lots and common property, what by-laws are, and the steps you can start taking today to become more active in your strata community.

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 0:01 – Intro & Overview
  • 1:33 – What is strata?
  • 3:15 – Amanda explains strata plans in simple English
  • 3:52 – Your strata plan number and where to find it
  • 5:01 – The difference between your lot number and your unit number
  • 5:09 – How to find your strata plan number and your lot number
  • 5:43 – Strata plans, by-laws and how they’re related
  • 6:45 – Amanda explains lots and common property and the difference between them
  • 8:33 – How to negotiate the intricacies of a strata plan (and when to get the right advice)
  • 9:41 – A quick recap of key points covered in this episode
  • 10:00 – Action steps you can take right away

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