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How to use By-Laws to Combat Bad Behaviour

...and restore peace to your apartment community

If own or live in an apartment and you: 

  • are frustrated when residents renovate without any communication with the strata committee or strata manager

  • have neighbours who create unreasonable noise, dump their rubbish, or park wherever they like

  • feel unsure about legal processes and Tribunal procedure

then this is the event for you. 

Leading strata lawyer and host of the Your Strata Property podcast Amanda Farmer will share the tools and processes that she has implemented to help many buildings and individual owners resolve chronic problems – simply by more effectively using by-laws. With just a little knowledge of this otherwise complex area of the law, you’ll be able to take confident steps towards eliminating the bad behaviour that’s preventing you from properly enjoying your home or investment.

Amanda shares those tools and processes with you in an easy to understand way, with the opportunity for you to ask her questions too.

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