Sneak Peek Episode 126. How one building saved $60,000 on its water bill

This week I chat to Kimberly Crawford about the power of the Smart Green Apartments Program to utterly transform your strata living experience, not to mention saving your building tens of thousands of dollars when it comes to water and energy bills. Listen carefully for the application deadline.

Sneak Peek Episode 124. Accused of having a conflict of interest?

This week, Reena shares with us how she recently dealt with an accusation of having a “conflict of interest”. Her story has lessons for managers and owners alike. We also cover the question: can the number of committee members be changed outside of an AGM?

Sneak Peek Episode 123. How strategic planning increases property value

This week, I’m joined by Michael Darby of Quantum United Management. Michael steps us through the ‘strategic planning’ process for a complex Victorian scheme and explains why strategic planning should be the cornerstone for all strata communities, particularly the larger-scale.

Sneak Peek Episode 119. Practical tips for reducing risk in strata – Paul Keating

This week, I have the privilege of Paul Keating’s company. As co-founder of Strata Community Insurance, Paul will be well known to many of you as an influential contributor to our sector. Paul and I enjoy a wide-ranging conversation exploring the concept of ‘unlimited liability’ for strata owners, some very practical steps you can take to reduce risk, and why Paul thinks we might soon see an end to the ‘benevolence’ of strata insurers.

Sneak Peek Episode 118. The dangers of global renovation works by-laws

In this week’s jam-packed episode, I question the legality of “global” by-laws which brazenly attempt to approve past, present and future renovation works within strata buildings. Reena shares a win for the owner of a community development lot and I celebrate the installation of child safety nets on a balcony.

Sneak Peek Episode 116. Do strata committee vacancies need to be filled& short term letting update

This week, Reena and I take a deep dive in to the process for filling vacant committee positions. Reena recaps the rules for the correct completion of proxy forms – particularly when it comes to corporate owners, and we each share our take on the NSW government’s recently announced proposals for regulating short term letting in our strata buildings. This is a jam packed episode. Enjoy!

Sneak Peek Episode 115. Beware these rookie strata errors

This week, Veronica Morgan joins Reena and I as we bust some myths around strata property ownership and share our various perspectives (buyers agent, strata manager, strata lawyer) on working with brand new strata owners. We also share our practical tips for ensuring a smooth transition to strata.

Sneak Peek Episode 114. The importance of detailed meeting notices

This week, Reena reminds us of the importance of properly detailing the motions on a general meeting agenda: this includes annexing relevant documents such as quotes, contracts and plans. We both see this becoming increasingly important in the age of electronic meetings and pre-meeting voting.

Sneak Peek Episode 112. How to conduct a secret ballot

This week, Reena and I examine an interesting question raised by a member inside the YSP Online Community: how do we conduct secret ballots for committee elections when the Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016 (NSW) requires voters to sign their ballot paper? Reena also reminds us of the power of polls and we recap the highlights of YSP Live.

Sneak Peek Episode 111. What if people could sample apartment living for a month?

My guest this week asked precisely the above question and is tracking some fascinating results. I chat to Sam Reece of Australian Apartment Advocacy and Property ESP about the innovative trial of apartment living she’s coordinating in Perth CBD. We also discuss the exploding Western Australian property market, with plenty of hot tips for Perth property investors!

Sneak Peek Episode 110. Why strata owners shouldn’t fear a compulsory sale

This week, Reena and I ease the concerns of lot owners around the compulsory sale process – both under Part 10 of the Development Act and pursuant to state government acquisition for projects like WestConnex. Reena also revises some important tips for managers when it comes to contractor licence checks.

Sneak Peek Episode 107. Lessons from a strata owner turned strata manager

This week, I chat with Sean O’Dea of GK Strata Management in Sydney. Sean has been a strata owner and chairperson of his building’s committee for close to 20 years. He recently took a leap over to the ‘other side’ and became a strata manager. We talk about his first six months on the job, and share Sean’s tips for managers trying to navigate and manage the every-day stressors of this tough gig.

Sneak Peek Episode 106. Resolving the confusion around electronic voting

This week, Reena and I answer a question from a manager-listener, who is understandably confused about the electronic voting regime under the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015. She’s not the only one. If you think you can now just send in an email with your vote rather than attend a meeting, this episode is a ‘must listen.’

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