Have you sensed the shift that’s happening in our strata space right now?

A LOT is changing, fast.

The future of strata living and strata service looks dramatically different to what we might have had in mind this time last year.

Are you ready to embrace the many opportunities this future now presents? Or maybe you can’t quite see these opportunities yet.

It’s time to get some perspective.

In this week’s episode, I’m showing you how to do just that. Right now.

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  1. How do we deal with the business of the Strata Company when a big percentage of our owners do not have computers or the means of electronically being involved?

    1. Hi Patricia, do you have a notice board in a central/accessible place? Are your owners also occupiers so you can letterbox drop or place notices under doors if that’s convenient? Sending regular newsletter/circulars by post too is a good idea. Essentially, all of the communication channels used 10+ years ago are certainly available and relevant to buildings like yours 🙂

  2. Dear Amanda
    Would not be easier and more transparent if AGM motions were voted on paper instead of people doing on Zoom or …
    Example: The owners vote on repairs that need to be done and the cost.
    If we have documentation of how people voted on the subject there is more transparency and the owner can’t say later that it did not voted the way it was recorded.
    The owner can write why he/she believes that the person could get a better quote from a qualified person who holds an insurance premium in case something goes wrong and the work has to be done properly.
    I also believe that Fair Trading should have in its website the names of qualified people, like for example: plumbers, roofers , strata manager, painters so we have confidence that we are getting people in our buildings to do work and they are not going to Rip us off by doing work that they shouldn’t be doing
    We need our Strata levies to be paid on necessary work not work that for some reasons Fair Trading is imposing on us to do without showing value for money.
    Thanks Amanda!!

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