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  1. Hi Amanda I’m new to Strata Living and have been elected as Chair of our Committee. The Committee has not had confidence in our Strata Managing Agency and had decided to go through the process of tendering and selecting an Agency that is believed will deliver the technical information and knowledge that we believe we require. The Committee have said that they wish me to Chair our upcoming AGM and I have sought a suitably qualified adviser to be invited to the AGM to advise me on matters during the AGM. Two questions: 1) do you see any issues with this and 2) when should I advise the Strata Manager that I will be chairing the AGM?

  2. Hi Kathy, thanks for the question.

    1) if this person is not an owner or does not hold a valid proxy, other owners may question their presence at the meeting. I’d suggest you make sure this person is given a proxy by another owner so that they are legally entitled to be there and speak to motions, if they wish

    2) If you are the chair, you do not have to advise the strata manager at all. You are legally entitled to chair the meeting. By contrast, the strata manager can only chair the meeting if the meeting agrees they can do so. Having said that, you may want to advise the strata manager as a matter of courtesy that you intend to chair. It’s entirely up to you when you decide to do that. You may have strategic reasons for holding back that information until the day of the meeting.

    I do hope you are considering joining us inside the membership Kathy. Doors close at midnight tomorrow, don’t miss out:

  3. Thank you Amanda for your reply. Re Point 1) above. The Adviser is not an owner he is an independent person with experience and knowledge of the Strata Schemes Management Act and Regulations. His attendance and role was discussed at a recent Strata Committee Meeting and supported by majority vote.
    Do you see any issues with his attendance?

    1. Hi Kathy, I still recommend that he holds a proxy, for the reasons set out in my earlier comment. Any person can hold a proxy – they do not need to be an owner.

  4. I agree with Peter. I listened for over a year to your podcasts on FB, which gave me a lot of insight. More though since I can browse through the forum looking for answers.

    Thanks Amanda

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