This week, Matt Larwood of StrataVote takes us inside the software that’s revolutionising our strata meetings and giving strata managers back their lives.

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  1. A majority of Owners want to furnish our community room with voluntary funds. What part do our strata committee have in approving or stopping us. What procedure do we need to follow?

  2. Fascinating!!! Is there a transcript of the minutes available to owners.
    Doesn’t the software preclude discussion about motions and the background behind the motion?

    What about amendments to the motion at the meeting? How are they handled once someone has pre voted?

    Does the system cater for smaller corporations? 10 units

    How inclusive is it ie for older non technology savvy people?

    1. Hi Diane,

      Our guest Matt Larwood of Strata Vote has provided these answers to your questions:

      – The system does record a transcript of the meeting, but we currently don’t make this available to download. This is a feature we’ve discussed and will almost certainly build into a future release of the software

      – If a Strata Manager is using SVA, discussion ahead of voting can be facilitated through a two way chat room we’ve built into the system. For example, a lot owner attending remotely can type in a question which can be answered verbally by the strata manager or via a direct ‘one to one’ response to the lot owner. The strata manager can also make the question publicly viewable, so all remote attendees can see the question and the types/verbal answer. We currently don’t intend to build in the full multi directional audio chat function you get with Zoom, as this overly complicates things and we’re trying to make it simple!

      – If someone has pre voted and a motion is proposed to be amended in a meeting, it depends on what state the scheme is in. You’d know this better than me, but If it is NSW, any pre votes are considered as ‘abstain’, and if you are in NSW, any pre votes are considered as ‘no’ votes

      – The system caters for schemes of all sizes. The lot owner should contact their Strata Manager to see if they’re using StrataVote Anywhere already, and if not when they will be!

      – We’ve designed the system to be as user friendly as possible for all users! One of the key ways we’ve done this is to build the av function directly into our system which means a lot owner only needs to open up one window through which they can see, hear, chat and vote. We think this is far more user friendly than having to have multiple devices/monitors/browsers open at the same time

      I hope this helps! Let us know if you have further questions.

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