Bernadette and David Janson from The School of Renovating join me to demystify some common “apartment reno” questions including: do we really need council approval for removal of internal walls and does a washing machine installed in a kitchen need to be waterproofed? 

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  1. Great presentation, thank you.
    I have a few questions too please:
    are there any requirements for HBCF (home builders compensation fund)? I think if work is valued at over $20,000 then contributions have to be made.
    What if you arrange a number of trades separately (& dont use just one builder) & each trade falls below the $20k threshold, are you considered an owner builder & what are the requirements?
    & if you later sell the property what guarantees do you need to provide to a new owner?

  2. Thanks Amanda!
    If you are going to replace not to add or remove do you still need OC approval?
    In our building 2 investors in a building of 4 renovated their kitchens and bathroom removed the carpet without OC approval.
    In 2017 our strata did not have a person in charge because one of the investors was selling and the other one sold and I did not have his contact. I needed to replace the kitchen . I did it with an excellent kitchen provider who was in charge of the whole work and everyone worked very professionally and the kitchen was finished in less than a week. Great plumber, electrician, people in charge of the kitchen delivery… Great people to do work for you.
    Sometimes we are in luck and we get good results. But I believe it should be the norm and people we get in our buildings to work should be qualified and do a good job.

    Thanks again!!

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