194. The art of crisis management – with Daniel Holt

I’m chatting to Daniel Holt – strata lawyer turned strata manager – about how to stay calm in a crisis. And he would know: Daniel was the manager who received the phone call on Christmas Eve 2018, informing him that Opal Tower needed to be evacuated. In this wide-ranging conversation, we also cover:

  • how to know when it’s time to refer a difficult issue to outside experts
  • whether strata managers should receive the same professional recognition as strata lawyers
  • how our legislation is failing us when it comes to crisis situations.

Also, listen out for my wrap up at the end of the interview and feel free to let me know what you think of the new format.


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2 Responses

  1. Thanks Amanda!!
    I believe like the Strata Manager that you had in your podcast that strata owners should have more writing information from Fair Trading about all bylaws.
    I also believe that bylaws should be applied to all the same way instead of using them by some Strata Managers and members of the committee to bully the residents.

    Thanks again!!

    Fernanda Rodas

  2. Hi Amanda thank you for such a great podcast interview with Lawyer Strata manager Daniel Holt. My concerns about the SSMA is how completely convoluted it is supposedly a regulatory system of (authorised and unauthorised ) previously adjudicated by CTTT was taken over by the justice system NCAT (legal and illegal) Unfortunately the responsibility of a SMA has changed and is often misunderstood, unfairly criticised.

    The regulators (OFT ) has become a toothless tiger yet, the option of self regulation is not plausible given the amount of REI & SMA that are struck off each year for breaches of misconduct. Given the complexity SSMA the justice system and other related gov. regulatory bodies I believe that all SMA undertake a compulsory 3 year management degree including subjects in strata law.

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