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0:00 — Introduction and Overview
01:04 — Why Communities should be Tendering their Strata Management?
02:08 — Enormous legislative change that is about to affect strata management
05:15 — How a tender specialist can help strata communities
06:18 — The various kinds of fees involved in tendering. (Fixed fees vs additional fees)
07:29 — A short story around how Helen’s skills in tendering helped a community
10:13 — Most common challenges communities faced with tendering in strata management contract
11:37 — It’s important to communicate to the lot owners that strata management tendering is a huge job
13:09 — Actions a listener can take to get started with tendering their strata management contract
15:03 — Books that have had a big impact on Helen and why
15:54 — A Virtual Strata Managers Concept
17:04 — How listeners can find out more about Helen
17:34 — Wrap up and thank you

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