012. How To Use Technology To Improve Strata Management Outcomes

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How To Use Technology To Improve Strata Management Outcomes

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Key Points/Timestamps

  • 00:23 – Introduction and Overview
  • 01:54 – Amanda Farmer invites listeners to grab a copy of The Strata Essentials Free eBook ¬†¬†
  • 02:22 – Amanda Farmer introduces a new option in yourstrataproperty.com.au to book and pay for legal services online
  • 03:23 – Amanda Farmer introduces Gary Bugden
  • 04:45 – Amanda Farmer and Gary Bugden discuss the value of technology around Strata community
  • 05:23 – How Strata managers and owners can use technology to make their jobs easier
  • 07:06 – 3 Main areas where technology tools are widely used
  • Administration
  • Building Facilities Management
  • Community web polls
  • 08:20 – Some examples of technology tools used in community web¬†portals
  • 10:45 – How technology tools help in Building Facilities Management
  • 12:40 – How to enormously save costs on contracting work using technology
  • 14:10 – Gary Bugden tells a story on how the use of technology helps Strata managers and communities
  • 15:13 – How technology has created a sense of community around Strata buildings
  • 17:49 – Most common challenges communities face when it comes to implementing technology in strata¬†communities
  • 19:35 – Website set-up and maintenance can be a key challenge Strata owners face in using technology
  • 20:51 – Tips on how to overcome challenges in technology implementation around Strata properties
  • 22:51 – Static communal website: The simplest technology tool a Strata Management must have
  • 23:58 – Key actions the listeners can take to get started with introducing technology ¬†around Strata community
  • 25:30 – Books that have significant impact on Gary Bugden and why
  • 26:32 – How do listeners find out more about Gary Bugden
  • 27:03 – Gary Bugden announces the release of his new book to be published in the third quarter of 2016: Strata Management in New South Wales
  • 27:53 – Wrap up and Thank you

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