060. In Conversation – New Rules for Engaging Lawyers and Banning Smoking Building-Wide

This week, Reena and I cover off the new requirements when it comes to strata buildings engaging lawyers, including whether or not cost agreements need to be circulated. Also, can a building ban smoking both on the common areas AND within lots? Links Mentioned: Get the transcript here! www.yourstrataproperty.com.au amanda@yourstrataproperty.com.au Books Mentioned: Gary Bugden: Strata […]

051. How To Prepare Your Strata Property For Sale – With Paton Jamieson

This week, I chat to one of Sydney’s most charming real estate agents: Paton Jamieson, who offers his top tips when it comes to preparing your strata unit for sale. Links Mentioned: http://www.patonjamieson.com.au Instagram Facebook LinkedIn Eden – Bondi Junction Spruce – Camperdown Paton Jamieson’s Contact Information: Mobile Number: 0416 246 969

043. Strata Managers vs Real Estate Agents – with Tim McKibbin of REI (NSW)

This week I interview Tim McKibbin, the CEO of the Real Estate Institute of NSW, on the difference between strata managers and real estate agents and how they each might learn to work together effectively. Links Mentioned Get the transcript here! The Real Estate Institute of New South Wales Books Mentioned Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 […]

021. How The New NSW Laws Affect Your Strata Management Contracts – With Natalie Fitzgerald

Natalie Fitzgerald of Strata Sense explains how the incoming NSW strata law is going to impact strata managers’ agency agreements, including the steps you should be taking now to prepare for change. Links Mentioned    Get the transcript here! www.stratasense.com.au/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/natalie-fitzgerald-16406934 http://womeninstrata.com.au/ http://nsw.stratacommunity.org.au/educationprofessional-development/seminars/city-sydney-strata-101-sessions/ Books Mentioned The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying […]

017. How To Deal With Noise in Strata Buildings

Stephen Raff of Ace Body Corporate shares his ideas on how strata residents might deal with noise problems. Links Mentioned    Get the transcript here! http://www.acebodycorp.com.au/orderbooks/ Books Mentioned Strata Living Stories: An Insider’s Guide To The Weirdest, Wackiest and Downright Hilarious Things Residents Do! By Stephen Raff Ace Body Corporate Handbook Our Journey – Achieving […]

014. How To Improve And Model Behaviour In Strata Communities

How To Improve And Model Behaviour In Strata Communities Links mentioned Get the transcript here! http://blockstrata.com.au/ http://michaelteys.com/ Level Headed – Block Strata Books Mentioned Growing Up – How Strata Title Bodies Might Learn to Behave Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life Good to […]

Recovering unpaid strata levies

For those involved in strata living in NSW, the legal regime for the collection of unpaid strata levies can be confusing. That confusion is made worse when strata managers, lot owners and committee members receive conflicting advice from lawyers experienced in this area of the law. Some common questions include:- is an owners corporation entitled […]

013. The Keys To Effective Strata Budgets

The Keys To Effective Strata Budgets Links mentioned Get the transcript here! Andrew Terrell LinkedIn Profile https://wellmanstrata.com.au/our-people/andrew-terrell http://www.flat-chat.com.au Books / Podcasts mentioned: Strata Living Stories  by Stephen Raff Planet Money (Podcast) Freakonomics (Podcast) Timferrissshow.com StartUp (Podcast) Your Strata Property (Podcast) Key Points/Timestamps 00:24 – Introduction and Overview 02:15 – Why it’s important to have a […]

010. Macquarie Bank’s Jenny Strong And Amanda Farmer Discuss Strata Finance And How To Use It Effectively

Resources / Links mentioned Get the transcript here! http://www.macquarie.com.au/strataloans Books mentioned Open: An Autobiography –  Andre Agassi Key Points / Timestamps 00:24 – Intro and Overview 01:31 – Jenny Strong discusses various ways an owner’s corporation might meet the cost of repairs, maintenance and upgrades to their building 03:16 – Why would a building opt for […]

008. The Truth About By-Laws In Your Strata Property (And How To Ensure You’re Not In Breach)

 How To Ensure You’re Not In Breach Of Your By-Laws Resources / Links Mentioned Get the transcript here! https://yourstrataproperty.com.au http://lawyerschambers.com.au/ Books Mentioned Screw It, Let’s Do It –  Richard Branson Key Points / Timestamps 00:24 – Intro and Overview 01:06 – Amanda Farmer invites the listeners to grab a copy of the Strata Essentials e-book […]

Article: 6 ways to ensure an efficient strata meeting

Now and then I am called upon to attend strata meetings on behalf of lot owners, owners corporations or strata managers. Over the years, I have picked up a few tips comes to the way in which an efficient strata meeting is run. Here are 6:

005. How An Owner Advocate Helped A Strata Owner Overcome A Bad Case Of Bullying From His Strata Corporation — With Kellie Wright

Resources / Links Mentioned Get the transcript here! http://wrightandlee.com.au/ Books Mentioned https://www.abma.com.au/ Key Points / Timestamps 00:00 — Introduction and Overview 01:04 — What is an owner advocate? 01:52 — Why is it critical for Strata owners to have an owner advocate? 02:49 — Strata legislation can be very complex and overwhelming for many investors 03:24 — Case […]

Article: how private are your personal details?

What do your owners think happens to the personal information they provide to you? Do you warn owners that their personal information may be made available to those inspecting the books and records of the scheme? This could include postal address, telephone number and email address.

Article: is your strata scheme dysfunctional?

You may have heard of the television sitcom Arrested Development. It’s about a man called Michael Bluth who tries to do the right thing and strives to keep his family together, despite his highly manipulative and materialistic parents, attention seeking twin sister, socially inept little brother and highly unreliable older brother. And how could we forget Tobias Fünke, his brother-in-law who is a self-diagnosed ‘never-nude’ (which is ‘exactly what it sounds like’).