YSP Podcast Episode 139. How to fund upgrades that only benefit some owners

This week, Reena and I consider a creative way for buildings to manage upgrade works – especially where the upgrade will benefit one group of owners but not others. How can costs be fairly shared? We answer a listener question about fire doors and celebrate the building that wants to donate to charity.

YSP Podcast Episode 138. The shocking truth about broker commissions and fees

This week, Heather Lander of Strata Advise not only explains the role of the strata insurance broker, but lifts the lid on broker commissions and fees. You’ll be shocked to hear what brokers don’t have to disclose to their clients. Heather arms us with some excellent questions to ask your broker when renewal time comes around.

YSP Podcast Episode 136. Upgrading the common property to cater for disability

This week, I chat with one of Victoria’s most experienced strata lawyers – Tim Graham, partner, HWL Ebsworth – about a recent Supreme Court case which has left buildings questioning whether they can be forced to upgrade their common property to cater for residents with a disability. Tim shares his insights and predictions for the future.

YSP Podcast Episode 134. The question you must ask your energy provider

This week, I chat to Marcus Walker of Strata Energy Services, a company bringing strata buildings together to get better rates from their energy providers. Marcus talks us through the surprisingly simple process, including how your building can get started by asking just one question…

YSP Podcast Episode 130. How to deal with strata bullies

This week I chat to Natalie Fitzgerald, strata manager, about the difficulties faced by some owners when it comes to having their view heard above the ‘loud voices’ that prevail within their building and on their strata committee. Natalie and I each share our tips for owners who feel overwhelmed by the democratic process, and discuss why the loudest voice may not always be the “right” voice

YSP Podcast Video Episode 031: Jen Bishop interview

In this episode of the YSP podcast, Amanda Farmer interviews Jen Bishop, founder of hugely successful Interiors Addict and Reno Addict websites, getting her expert tips on how to use clever design to create your dream strata space.